Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Youtube Music

I've been listening to some music guy on youtube... and his songs are amazing!
Seriously, he's got all sorts of music tidbits from Zelda like Zelda's Lullaby, to Final Fantasy and even Morrowind!

Do you have any music authors/ songs worth note that you like? If so, you can post it here if you want! =)

I'll go first

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NY1K5pTkvG0 .... Wark! XP


  1. Does he have the Blizzetta theme from Twilight Princess? For some reason, I really like that song. XD Sounds very wintry, with a touch of Zelda in it at the same time.

    AND WATCH DO YOU LIKE WAFFLES! It is an awesome song. :D

  2. Probably, though I'm not sure =P Sorry I haven't answered most of your comments, I haven't been on here seriously like forever =O Hehe and I like that song! It's stuck in my head alot =P