Friday, January 22, 2010


Elloha everyone! If anyone's reading this, it's my birthday this Tuesday! *claps* Ooh, and today is also the first time I've been here on months! My apologies if I haven't been answering to anything =/ Anyways, just working on my story right now, and going to have supper. I was going to say something else... But I can't remember any longer for the life of me what it is! xP


  1. Hi Alyssa! I see you're new to Wizard101 blogging.

    Anyway, you should go check out my blog sometime at

    ~Alia LotusPetal

    (P.S. I write creative writing stories as well, The Most Powerful Spells of All to be exact!)


    For what? Check out my second most recent post.

    ~Alia LotusPetal ☮

  3. Hmm... what happened to my comment on here? I could have sworn I posted something...

    Anyway... hi! You just posted on my blog, like, three seconds ago! xD Okay, not that long. More like, ten minutes...

    Um, uh, err... hi... again... rofl.

    Btw, apparently I'm your "minion"? O.o Lolz.

  4. Paha, yup! Bow down to me, all of you! Jokes =P
    Yaawn, I'm tired. I slept in this morning and missed my first period xD I need to stop doing my homework 'til 12:00, that's probably why I keep sleeping in every morning! =P Speaking of which, I got two spelling units to do! =o Argh, sometimes I wished I had a wand that instantly finish all of my homework for me xP

  5. Oh and thanks Alia!! xD Since you posted that I think I gained two more followers! =D And congrats on level 48! =)

  6. Missing first period is BAD! I use computers in first hour, so that's when I post all my blog posts!

    Ooh, and homework wands are awesome, but they do the work all wrong, lol. I mean, I think they would... if I had one...

    Oops. That just reminded me that I was suppose to be doing my homework right now! O.o