Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hello, meet the newest Hobbit robot, Frodo! Or Star, as he calls himself. He is a robot I made with Sitepal, and is a result of my boredomness. But don't tell him that - he thinks of it much differently. If you ask about robots, it becomes clear that he thinks that he is an artificial intelligence capable of taking over the world. He also claims that he is a she if you say that you're a girl, and that he has no gender if you ask him if he is a boy or a girl. The less sense your question makes, the funnier his answer is! Here's the link, and have fun with him!


  1. Oh and Alia, as it turns out, he apparently loves cheese, and cats! It's cool, because I can't program him to say that, but he does, and he has the same taste as you! =D Also, when you ask him what your name is, he'll reply like "It is %NAME, seeker.", which is also funny.

  2. o my gosh!
    sry i haven't been on a while. this is Emma Dawnrider. you told me about frodo. he is so... strangely cool. i forgot to bookmark him.