Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Friends And Family

There is alot of people in the spiral that help my Ice Wizard in her adventures along the way. Although not all of the listed friends and family play Wizard 101, they gave me inspirations for characters. Here's some of them.

Family And Relatives:

Parents: Maria Ashpetal : My mother, although she doesn't actually play Wizard 101. Same with my father, brother, sister, and almost all my friends =/ Oh, and Maria isn't her actual name. Neither is Ashpetal. Now that would be funny!
Jacob Iceblade: My father. Similair to my mother, he doesn't play Wizard 101. He tried it once, but doesn't like it that much =/. He works as a teacher in another country, so I don't get to see him often. When he does come (during holidays), it's quite special and he often kind of spoils me alot since he doesn't get to see me much. He's not mentioned in my story often, other then just being my father. Once again, his name is not Jacob, OR Iceblade :P. Iceblade would be a funny last name anyhow.
Siblings: I only have two, and bother are older then me and have moved out of the house. Because of this, I'm sort of an only child :P.
Julia Lionheart: My sister!! =D Her and I get along just like... sisters. I wish I could say the same for my brother :P. She has two children (I'm an aunt now!!) a boy, and a girl which are very entertaining and have funny little personalities. She used to play pokemon (thanks to me), but she has been too busy lately to do so.
Daniel Flameriver: My brother, and boy is he evil! Alright, I admit, that's an exaggeration.. Like most brothers though, he does get on my nerves sometimes. Ok, maybe alot. He's twice my age and still likes to tease me all the time. He has a great love for music and a natural sense of rhythm. In my story, he is the main character's missing brother that she tries to find.

Mkenzie (hope I spelt it right) and Kaylee:
My cousins from Utah! Or at least they used to live there. I haven't seen them since I was five, so they may have moved by now. They aren't in the story though. Real Life Friends And People I Know:
Hannah Mackeral:(not my friend's actual name, just changed for privacy reasons as you probably guessed. Hehe, Mackeral!) She is a great friend, and although we live at least a country away, her and Heather are some of my best friends too. She doesn't play Wizard 101, but I gave her the name Hannah Raveneyes.
Heather Deathglade (once again, as most of the characters you'll find in my story, and most Wizard 101 players, big name change)
My good friend from a small town a few provinces away. I only saw her for two weeks a few years ago, but we've kept in touch and are very close. Although she doesn't play Wizard 101, she took the quiz over the phone and found out she's Death! It's funny because every quiz she takes gives her a result like that :P Even though we can only contact eachother over the phone, we goof around and have alot of fun togethor. She is a HUGE fan of Naruto, and is the reason why I decided to watch it and like it so much (but I stopped at episode 12 since it got too gory for me :P)
Jenna Nightrunner: Although we aren't much more then acquaintances, I respect her, and the only impression I have gotten from her over the years is a good one. Even though she doesn't know me very well, we get along well and she accepts me for who I am, even though it could be quite easy not to (most people think I'm a freak because I play video games, or simply that I'm a unstable shy person who's less intelligent then a doorknob which is untrue by the way :P) Her catch phrase happens to be Konichiwa, which she got off from the anime Naruto so that everyone will know that it's her :P She herself once had trouble being accepted to the point that her mother offered to let her move. She refused however, and now is very happy she did so since she has alot of friends. I can kind of relate to what she was going through, since I had the same problem years ago. Like her though, I've got over it and made tons of good friends since. By the way, she loves Naruto just like Heather and has watched all of the first season episodes.
Kandice: I think that's how her name was spelt anyway. She and I were friends in grade three, but she had to move to Arizona :( We used to say "Quiet Wyatt" (Since it rhymed and he was one of our friends)
Even after all these years, I haven't heard from her since. At all.
Calamity Bearpaw: This girl is a bit of a tricky one of sorts to describe. Don't get me wrong, yes she is my friend, but not as good as what we once were. You see, we used to be best friends. We would play togethor all the time, no matter the circumstance or if she was deathly bored of me showing her the games I play. We were just about inseperable, and even when the going got really, and I mean really tough, I still thought of her as a best friend despite her ill-treatment of me, and loyally stayed by her side without question.
Then one day things got worse. She would yell "Why are you following me! It's so annoying!" at me if I simply followed her or talked with her as I once did, and she would try to avoid me often. She also started glaring at me and no matter how hard I tried to socialize with her or compliment her she'd backfire it at me and make a rude remark. I felt as if I had lost a sister. The day before we were best friends! I have no idea what happened, it's just like one day she snapped. This lasted all week long, until the next week after that she phoned me to go to the pool and she was acting fine, other then a little cranky and mostly hanging out with her other friend (not complaining about that part, I mean afterall she should be allowed to have other friends and do stuff with them too) . Everything seemed fine. She went camping with me, and again the other thing repeated itself. If I went to eat out of my own fridge, she would shout "Don't eat that!" even after my parents telling her many times I could eat it, saying I needed to eat less or more meals and that I was a pig, mock my standards and keep persuading me to break them. When I said no, she'd just say "Your such a chicken!" She also would keep insulting and demeaning my friends, in front of their faces and back, and even when I told her I felt uncomfortable and that they were my friends she would continue and say something like "Yes he is, he's an idiot!" . That really bothered me. I hardly see her nowadays, and I understand everyone has their days so I'm not overly mad at her or completely erasing our friendship, it's just that it's not the same as it used to be, and nor do I consider her my best friend. She really hates milk, and gets annoyed by Jonas Stonewatcher, a good but very hyperactive friend.
Morgan Windstalker: A friend who just happened to move into school this year. I don't see her much since school got out for summer since I can't remember her phone number (aargh!) and have no means of contacting her, but when I do happen to see her we joke around and talk about books (She shares my interest in them)
Aedan Crowrider: A great, though very hyperactive friend!
He just so happens to enjoy getting on Calamity's nerves, and he's good at it too.
Whenever she comes over while he's also there, he yells "I'm your worst nightmare!"
Yep, a lot of conflict between those two. He's a really big fan of the Zelda games. Aren't they so fun? Can't wait for my Wii to get fixed so I can play them again.
Anna: Hehe, my cat! Her name wasn't changed, but I don't think she'll mind :P She is half bengal, half burmese and looks like a cream siamese with points on her tail, and brown stripes and spots with a orange nose. She gets annoyed lots by Winter :P
Winter: She's not in the story, but she is my other cat. In appearance there's not much to describe other then a bright-eyed siamese. She was born in our bathroom! Hehe. I adopted a stray cat, but it turned out she was a girl! That's how we have Winter. For some reason she hates most guys. For some reason, she has a fascination for bottle caps, and will wake me and my mom in the middle of the night with one in our mouth just so we'll throw it for her.
Ella: Also not in the story! Hope she's not jealous.. :P I'm sure you can guess what she is. Yup, that's right! Another cat! Wow, I must be a crazy cat lady or something! ( a young one for that matter too!) She is a Korat, and like all Korats, is grey. Somehow her gums got inflamed and infected so badly that her teeth starting falling out when the vets were cleaning them, so the vets had to pull them all out :/. She seems to be a little confused about just having gums. I can imagine Winter making fun of her and calling her a old grandma because of it :P (Winter and Ella definently do NOT get along) Like most of our pets, she is very smart and can play hide and seek! Well, she only does the seeking part now since she got bored of the hiding one day. Sumo: Haha, his name still makes me laugh. My older sister named him because he looked like a sumo wrestler when he "adopted" us. He trimmed down so he doesn't suit his name anymore though. He looks like a large version of Ella.
Paris: My very old dog. He's almost the same age as me! Because of this, his heart can't keep up with his body so if he runs far he has seizures :(
He used to be a Canadian show dog champion, but when he retired he had to move into another home, so the owner gave him to us. He also was in two episodes in the series (not the actual movie!) of Honey I Shrunk The Kids as a female poodle whom had a crush on a border collie. It's funny because he's a male but in the episode he was a female and had flowers on his collar, and the female border collie was portrayed as a male! Flower: A cute, but not so cuddly hedgehog.
She has left many bite marks on my fingers since the day we got her.. :P In-Game Friends:
Cole Anglesword: One of the first friends I met, and a good one too. He has a life character which he sometimes uses to help me out in sticky situations. Lucas Legendstalker: Also one of my first friends. I can't remember where we met, but he has helped me out alot and we enjoy questing togethor. Victoria: Can't remember her last name, but we quested around in Triton Avenue and I used the other chat where you pick selected words to make her feel more comfortable since that is the only chat she could use. Sloan Silverbreath: I don't see him around often, but he is nice. Alot of times when I was stuck on bosses he would come and help, or help me get inside boss places I couldn't access to help me level up faster.
Andrew (no last name); This guy is a bold and friendly conjurer (myth) He likes to have level parties when he reaches a major level or gets a new card :)
Amanda Deathblade:
I don't know her very well, but I first saw her when some guy was repeating "Amanda is fat and ugh lee." I told him that he probably didn't know that since he doesn't know her in real life, so he said "I don't care, your a fat and ugh lee noob". Heh he went on for awhile like that so I told Amanda to just ignore him and we quested together for a little while.

I have lots of other friends too, but theres too many to list or I haven't done anything with them (sometimes I just happen to get random friend requests which is fine, but they don't do anything after that so there's not much to write about them) I wonder if anyone has actually read this? Probably not.


  1. i'm just gonna list the people and say who they are. =)
    Emma Dawnrider: ME!
    Sarah Iceblossom: mom, doesn't play
    Emily Goldflam: best friend, has a stupid glitch on her computer and can't play
    Alyssa Shadowstrider: other character, no one i know
    Katie Summerleaf: cousin
    and then i have another friend and i can't remember their name. :(
    like your blog!

  2. Thanks! =) And don't worry about flaming. It's really nice to know there are people who still read the stuff on my blog =)