Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More About Me!

Hey there! This is Alyssa Frostriver (kind of obvious, I know ;P)and this is also a product of my boredom (even more obvious). I doubt anyone will read it anyways though, so as a result this will be quite the non-exciting blog, although it probably would be either way. Sorry if you were expecting chocolate-breathing dragons and onion-headed aliens. All you'll find here is a looong, regular blog =P. It's so long that I had to put parts of it in posts!
In case you didn't know, the name is from my character on the Wizard 101, a game I play often on the Bartlebey server. You should be able to recognize me with my green eyes and red hair (I don't have that in real life by the way) About me? Well, I enjoy reading and playing games. What games you ask? A few samples would happen to be the Zelda (I love Twilight Princess, I'm still stuck on the first dungeon though hehe) , Pokemon (Emerald and Firered is so much fun! I enjoy Diamond and Plantinum too though) , Mario, Super Smash Bros, creature labs (I happen to like tweaking around with the Dna of the little norns on the Genetic Kit for creatures 3. Poor little guys, they must not like having mohawks and bright green fur ;P) Elder Scrolls, Spore, The Sims, Final Fantasy, and Sonic games . Besides my older sister, I'm the only girl I know that happens to like video games, especially pokemon, so I get teased about it alot at school (which is now over, yay for summer holidays!) I also have accounts for Maplestory, Wizard 101 (but you already know that ;P), Runescape, Adventure Quest and Dragonfable (though I rarely play it), Mabinobi, a little bit of WoW (World Of Warcraft which I no longer play), Zoo Tycoon 2, and some neopets here and there, as well as some other stuff I haven't played in awhile or can't remember at the time.
Favorite books? That's a hard one. I'd have to say I love Inkheart (It's so well written!), the one with the cat warriors that can't remember what It's called, Spiderwick, Harry Potter of course!, Eragon, etc. They aren't in any specific order. In my spare time (when I'm not playing with friends or video games), I work on stories. I'm not famous for them, and they're not all too great, but it's a fun and productive way to pass the time. I also really enjoy drawing and most of my notebooks for school are filled with little doodles.
So far I have written a story called The Tale Of Two Rivers, which I hope to submit to the Wizard 101's Creative Writing once I'm finished. Besides for school, I have never written a story, so this is a nice first for me.
In my early years, it was a little hard for me. All of the teachers hated me and would call me stupid. My parents would be called to the office everyday just so they could announce "She will NEVER learn how to read and write" That went around until grade two where I had a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Fowler.
I went from F grades and being called autistic, to grade A+ with a reading level of a grade seven student and being on the honour roll. It was for the most part because she treated me with respect and had confidence in me, instead of the other teachers "I wonder if she gets her low intellect from her parents?", or, "How come she can understand what's going on outside?" In grade one I didn't have much for confidence. I believed what the teachers said: that I was stupid. Mrs. Fowler changed that.
Apparently I'm very intelligent infact, but some people in my class would say otherwise. I also happen to live in Canada, but I won't say where so don't ask. Hmm, lets see, what else is there..
Besides games and what not, I can't think of much else to write. I must be a little bit of a boring person I guess =P Although I'm quickly catching up to my friends, I used to be half their size. Reason why? Unfortunately I was born three months early, and almost died, sooo basically I'm short and in a grade early then what I should be (I was sick for a year when I could've gone to school, so I had to wait a whole year =/!!)I just started middle school this year, and also since my birthday, am now in my very early teens. I'm going into a new school once school starts (they chopped up the old school building, don't know why) Favorite Writers: Cornelia Funke (Author of Inkheart, The Thief Lord, Dragon Rider, and Ghosthunter, J.K Rowling, Harper Collins, and.. Sarah Spiritheart and Sierra Winterbreeze (The last part are writers that aren't famous, but very good in my opinion. Their stories can be found in the creative writing of Wizard 101. Sierra Winterbreeze is the writer of "The Tale Of Sierra Winterbreeze". She is also VERY talented, and has great potential especially for her age (which I'm assuming is around mine) Heh... I got a little too *cough* outgoing, and posted fan comments on Sierra Winterbreeze's official site. I would have wrote on her fan page thing where fans are supposed to write, but I wasn't a subscribed member to Wizard 101 and couldn't. They were kind of like "Hey! Your stories are so good! I read the same books as you! You play pokemon too? Wow, you're the only other girl I've heard of besides my sister and I that do!!, Bad news my cat is sick!" Not word to word of course, but you get the idea :P.. I think she got creeped out because although she approved them, she never wrote back (and who can blame her?). I have no idea what hit me, I get a little too crazy sometimes, and I think I was also a tad bit too hyper that night :P... So I got books, stories, and games down. I'll go with friends and family next on another post since it wouldn't fit on this one =P


  1. Oh, so you like Sarah Spiritheart's stories? Yeah, they are one of my favorites. She is amazingly talented. Lol, I hope I can meet her sometime. She writes stories that are as long as mine, which, considering the length of most of those creative writing stories, is miraculous!

  2. i like alot of thing you like. i have ZooTycoon #1. i play it alot. my cousin, katie Summerleaf, not real name, gave it to me for my b-day 2 yrs. back. i also like books. i'm a reading freak. i read ALL the time. when i'm not writing or at school:P. you should try reading the Shammer Chronicals. a 4 book sireies. there is some swering and i bit of inapropiet parts. but its mainly a big adventure. you should also read the Great Tree of Avalon trilogy. thats also good. i like J.K. Rowling too. i'm also writing a story. its called Dawn of the Dragon. i'm on part 6.
    could post your story on here? i'd love to read it.
    and if you don't know me... i'm Emma Dawnrider. you may have seen me on Sierra's blog.

  3. Thanks! I thought no one came on here anymore =0 I'll look up the Dawn of the Dragon right now infact. Sorry I never replied. I got abducted by evil squirrels, I swear! Ok.. Ok.. actually I haven't been on in a very long time. I have lots of homework, and when I do go on, I normally try to learn editing stuff for a game creator, or now, work on my story. But I'm going to try to change that! Ooh an I also like the same stories as you! J.K is awesome by the way, and zoo tycoon is fun, isn't it? =D I'll try to come on here every saturday from here on!

  4. Sarah SpiritheartJune 15, 2010 at 5:41 PM like my stories too!
    Thank you! ;)
    Anyway, I obviously have put a few more parts on since this post. What do you think so far?