Thursday, August 20, 2009


The name says it all. Yeah, I went to the whoop up days!

Unfortunately we didn't pay for the ride part, so I spent most of the time staring at rides like one where it just looks like a ball suspended by two telephone wires that goes waay high up, and a few rollercoaster-like things. I did get to see a "white" lion, however. Nope, not albino.
He looked pretty much like a pale yellow lion with a white mane and tail. Apparently as they mature they grow more white in appearance until they're almost snow-coloured, though.
For some reason, all of the white lions that have been found all have lineages that only originate to a specific area which is now a reserve. Weird, huh? Out of all the wide acres of land, only a couple were home to white lions. They must be picky or something :P
Not suprisingly, they are really rare since white doesn't really camoflauge well with brown dirt and yellow grass so prey spot them easily and predators find them fast.

The contest place was so cool! All of the drawings were amazing! There was also alot of neat pictures and hand-made quilts and blankets.

Before that I also got to go to a reptile exhibit with alot of Boas and Pythons of all sorts, and I was even allowed to pet some of them.

Besides that, we just ate a hot dog and headed back home. It was still fun though.

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